Buyer and Seller clients: Linda & Mark

For our family, looking for the perfect house was definitely a process of elimination.  And we definitely took our time looking and figuring out what we really wanted, needed and loved.  It took us a long time but we finally found that house and we are so happy and feel that it was meant to be.  Throughout the whole journey, Gary was there not only as our patient realtor, but as a counselor, psychologist, and a good humored friend.  Unlike some of the other realtors we had worked with, Gary wasn't in a rush to have us buy the wrong house and even talked me out of some of them.  He wanted us to be happy and he worked with all of us to find that perfect house.  By the end of the whole process, Gary will become part of the family!  We can't have done without him! 

Seller Client, 2 homes sold

To Whom it May Concern,
SV3Group is a real estate investment firm, focused on purchasing and renovating homes across the bay area. I would like to recommend Gary Hovey as a highly flexible, responsive and knowledgeable realtor.
We have a very aggressive, fast paced team – Gary has made every accommodation, and at times has supported the creation and hand delivery of more than three offers in a day. We have a range of investor experience levels. Gary patiently answered every question of those less experienced with real estate and also demonstrated significant depth in addressing more complex strategies.
Even more beneficial is Gary’s deep familiarity with the local area. As a native, his ability to spot properties in key locations that meet our criteria and similarly steer us clear of homes that would not serve us well. Also, on several occasions, his broad network of connections also afforded opportunity to get early exposure to key properties or negotiate more effectively on our behalf.
Net net? we trust Gary – if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Dona Munsch Partner